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5 Lessons Learned While Working and Living in China.

Working in Guangzhou, China, the third biggest city in China and just two hours away from the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, was an eye-opening experience that left a lasting impression on me. From my time spent there, I can confidently say that I have grown both personally and professionally, and I’m now ready to […]

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5 Compelling Reasons to Work in Switzerland: Thriving in Prosperity.

Switzerland, a picturesque country nestled in the heart of Europe, is renowned for its stunning landscapes, precision engineering, and world-class chocolates. However, what makes it truly stand out from its surrounding European markets are its high salaries and its low tax regime, which provide a multitude of advantages for both residents and expatriates. In this […]

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Landing a Job in Switzerland – 3 Ways to Boost Your Job Search.

SWITZERLAND! Low (almost no) taxes, very high salaries, safe, clean, and BEAUTIFUL. Who does not want to work here? I know all the people from the neighboring countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, France) certainly do – and beyond! Switzerland is a very competitive market and it requires dedication, proven strategies, and a disciplined system to land […]

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